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In principle, at any gun dealer – as long as we have a distributor in the country where you want to buy the rifle. Under Distribution you will find all the countries in which we actively sell our products.

Our products should at least be available for inspection at any well-stocked specialist retailer. If you cannot find a dealer or gunsmith near you, please contact our wholesalers in your respective country.

The contact details of the wholesalers can be found under distribution partner.

Our products are sold exclusively through our wholesale partners and we therefore have no direct sales. Our wholesale partners supply the individual dealers and gunsmiths.

The possible variants (from stock, caliber, barrel) are shown under Overview models and under modells.

Nevertheless, the SIGNATURE can also be supplemented with other variants thanks to the changeable barrel system.
This makes it possible to equip your SIGNATURE with several calibers and/or barrels!

Add the changeable barrel directly to your order or simply make full use of the SIGNATURE’s changeable barrel system later and order your additional barrel at a later date.

There are also different special configurations depending on the country. In 2023, for example, our German wholesale partner “RWS” launched the DRIVEN HUNT model and also a complete range with a silencer from HAUSKEN by RÖWA and a riflescope as a special variant on the German market.

The time has finally come – we are proud to add our Signature with real left hand system to our range. #2024

Here you will find the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the Signature. <-link

You can find out the exact purchase price for your chosen bolt action rifle from your preferred gun dealer.

technical questions

Yes, this is possible. For example, it is not a problem of caliber .222Rem. to .375Ruger.
In this case, in addition to the barrel, the bolt and magazine must be replaced.

(The mentioned calibers are exemplary)

Please let us know your desired caliber and we will be able to tell you shortly whether the desired caliber is possible for your SIGNATURE.

If you already know more about your desired barrel, you can send us all the details, including the following characteristics.

Barrel length, caliber, special contour, muzzle thread, sling swivel (if desired on the rifle barrel), barrel diameter, …

(e.g.: 570mm), (e.g.: 308 Win), (e.g.: fluting), (e.g.: M15x1), (sling swivel e.g.: JA), (e.g.: 17mm),

(The calibers and properties mentioned are exemplary)

It must then be checked whether the desired replacement system is available and feasible.

With thorough/clean removal/installation of the same rifle barrel, the system should have the same POI.

A test shot after each change of barrel is essential from a hunting point of view.

As a rule, two different gun barrels always have a different POI; exactly identical POIs for two different gun barrels are rare in terms of manufacturing technology.

If you are using two different rifle barrels, it is advisable to note the difference in POI so that you can adjust the scope accordingly before the test shot.

Please note that the first shot may be a “sighting shot” and may not be considered a full shot.

YES, with very clean removal & installation.
Nevertheless, it should be noted that the identical POI for removal/installation is not necessarily
therefore, a test shot after each change of barrel is essential from a hunting point of view.

This is not possible from the factory.

As our products are tailored to the hunter through many years of experience, this is usually not necessary, so it is certainly a good idea to take the SIGNATURE to a gunsmith and test whether the rifle meets your needs.

You can ask a qualified gunsmith whether a stock shortening or a custom-made stock is an option for you.

YES! The stock of the Hunter model is designed so that you can extend the LOP dimension (distance from trigger to butt plate) or the butt plate.

A gunsmith may also be able to extend the stock of our other models by fitting different butt plates, although this should of course be clarified with the gunsmith beforehand!

YES, the SIGNATURE has an changeable barrel system to accommodate several calibers in one gun.

A new barrel with your configured specifications or caliber

It may be necessary to replace the bolt or/and the magazine. This depends on the existing caliber to the changed caliber
the exact items that need to be replaced vary.

You are welcome to use the input mask below to quickly find out what your
SIGNATURE would have to be exchanged! The interface requires your existing
caliber and the new desired caliber – this is how you can quickly find out what has to be exchanged

Click here for the -Caliber Tool- input mask

Why might it only be necessary to replace the barrel or, if necessary, other components in order to be able to change to a different caliber with the SIGNATURE’s interchangeable barrel system?

Due to the different cartridge geometries for each caliber, the overall system must be designed in such a way that the feeding and locking can be technically implemented first.

If the desired changeable barrel is in the same bolt caliber group & magazine caliber group as the originally used rifle barrel, only the rifle barrel needs to be replaced.

Why do I have to replace the bolt?

If the new rifle barrel is in a different caliber group than the bolt caliber group, you must also change the correct bolt.
for the new caliber. Depending on the cartridge geometry, the base diameter of your new caliber may not be the same as the diameter of your existing caliber.

Why do I have to change the magazine?
If the new rifle barrel is in a different caliber group than the magazine caliber group, you must also exchange or change the correct magazine for the new caliber. Since the feeding geometry of the magazine, influenced by the cartridge geometry, is not the same as the feeding geometry of the magazine as your existing caliber.

The bedding may need to be reworked by the gunsmith. This is necessary if the barrel would rest against the stock and the barrel could no longer swing freely when firing. A freely ‘swinging’ barrel is very important for precision.

The SIGNATURE system is equipped with a Picatinny rail to which all conventional mounts can be attached.

YES, of course! The factory pre-mounted Picatinny rail and the receiver build a fixed unit to enable an accurate shot pattern.

YES! It is possible, but the Picatinny rail is a very common way of mounting all kinds of accessories. The rail we use is also a custom-made product to visually support the firearm in its beautiful shape. If you want to replace the Picatinny rail, a specialist must heat the Picatinny rail until the screws and the Picatinny rail can be carefully removed. Before the new installation method is fitted, the adhesive residue must be removed so that it does not stand in the way of the new rail’s tight fit.

The barrel of the SIGNATURE is clamped in the system sleeve with two Allen screws. These should be tightened to approx. 7 Nm. This corresponds to tightening the screws by hand using the supplied hexagon socket wrench (T-handle).

The integrated manual cocking system of the SIGNATURE is not compatible with our other products, as the technical and mechanical features of the bolt and the receiver have been adapted to the new requirements and thus further developed.

YES. However, work on the stock should always be carried out by a gunsmith.

The country-specific legal regulations must also be observed, as there may be some things to consider here!

YES! The magazine of the SIGNATURE is compatible with the products of the TITAN 3, TITAN 6, TITAN ALPHA (T3, T6, α) rifles!

We recommend using the services of a qualified gunsmith for any work on the rifle!

Changeable barrel system Caliber Tool

The interface requires your existing caliber and the new caliber of the changeable barrel system.
This allows you to quickly determine which components need to be added to the system.
Depending on the caliber selected, it may be that only the barrel needs to be replaced or the bolt and/or magazine mayneed to be replaced.

Query for the bolt

Calibertool changeable barrel system bolt

Query for the magazine

Calibertool changeable system magazine

The respective caliber may not be available, despite the selection option.

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If you have any further questions please contact us and we will answer them as soon as possible.

All data are approximate approximate values, which should only serve as additional information.
We reserve the right to make changes, errors and country-specific deviations.
Prices are recommended retail prices only.
All pictures are only symbolic pictures, deviations in the optics can occur especially with wood products.